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Konzelmann Farms’ ability to process organic grain grew from a market need.

When we first began growing and harvesting our own crops using conventional methods, we would process our own grain. When we turned to organic methods, we continued to process the grain as well, and by building various relationships with other farmers, we were able to take in small amounts of grain from surrounding organic farms. We began processing grain for food purposes after connecting with marketers and organic mills. Today, farmers from across Ontario ship their grain to Konzelmann Farms to be processed, and we have the capability to process six to seven thousand tonnes a year.

We process grain to meet the high standards of organic mills and markets. We know that you deserve to have the best quality grain going into your food, and we strive to maintain our high standards of excellence. We are happy to accept any organic grain for processing, including spelt, soybeans, black beans, corn, oats, and others. Our state of the art equipment allows our processing plant to condition and process grain that other processors turn away as ‘too dirty’ or ‘too wet’.

What makes us different from other processors?

Much of what makes us different from other processors is our methods. We are capable of grain blending to achieve certain standards, such as moisture levels and falling numbers. We can maintain perfect numbers by conditioning grain through a series of mixing, such as combining grain that is slightly dry with grain that is slightly moist to achieve the desired moisture level. Our setup also allows us to dry grain that is too wet.

The proof of our superior processing capabilities is evident in the high quality of the grain. We use a very thorough tracking system throughout the entire process for all the grain that arrives and leaves our farm, offering solid traceability. There is a tangible paper trail for each supply, tracking critical information such as storage bin number, tests, and moisture levels before and after processing, as well as specific machinery and equipment used to process the grain. Throughout the testing processes, we can ensure that your grain is clear of contamination or coming into contact with products that could harm its rating. You then receive the full paperwork and entire layout of the grain’s processing journey.

Furthermore, our equipment helps our process capabilities surpass other facilities. Some of the equipment we use includes state of the art seed cleaners and sorters, storage bins, and separators:

Clipper Precision Air-Screen Seed Cleaner (New Generation Series)

Cleans, sifts, sorts and grades seed and grain to ensure weed seed, debris, insect-damaged seed, light foreign matter and immature seed is discarded. For more information on Clipper and its seed cleaners, click here.

CIMBRIA Optical Sorter

A sorting unit made in Italy. Its cameras allow for unmatched precision in ridding the overall supply of grain of imperfections, such as discoloured grain, below-standard sized grain, and removes debris that may be in the grain. To learn more about this equipment, click here.

Oliver Hi-Cap Gravity Separator

Separates any type of dry bulk particles with similar size and shape but differing weights to purify and add value to the product. For more information, click here.

Oliver Hi-Cap Gravity Destoner

Removes heavy items and objects from grain material to purify the final product. To learn more, click here.

CIMBRIA Indent Cylinder Cleaner

Separates weed seeds from the raw spelt. For more information, click here.

Spelt Dehuller

Removes the hulls around the spelt kernel. For more information, click here.

Shipping and Bagging Options

Our bagging line for small bags can handle 10-30kg bags. We are also set up to ship 500 kg/1,000 kg/2,000kg totes. From our loading dock, we are able to load containers and trucks. Our two overhead bins on weigh scales allow us to conveniently and exactly load your desired bulk quantity.

We maintain high standards of quality and work throughout our entire growing and processing facilities. Each bin is thoroughly cleaned when a crop leaves it and before another one is put into it. We have highly trained employees who ensure that your grain maintains its purity throughout the entire process and is ready to meet any organic mill, bakery, or market standard.