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At Konzelmann Farms, we grow and harvest a variety of organic crops.

These include spelt, soybeans, black beans, corn, and oats. Each year, we practice crop rotation to maintain disease-free crops and uphold our organic standards by refraining from the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.


While we live off the traditional and most natural form of farming, we mix this with modern scientific and technological developments in equipment. Our state of the art planters and cultivators are equipped with GPS and auto steer, allowing us to plant and cultivate with higher precision and accuracy. With this equipment, we are able to cultivate within an inch of the planted seed, maximizing overall efficiency, providing exceptional weed control, and resulting in higher, cleaner, and healthier yields.


In addition to our top-of-the-line equipment, we naturally fertilize our fields with homemade compost consisting of different types of solid manure. We also apply a variety of organic fertilizers, such as molasses and liquid fish. Before putting the compost on our soil, we allow the manure to go through its process of break down. In order to do that, our large compost turner, which is easily capable of turning the needed 4,000 tonnes of compost, turns the manure as it breaks down. Applying the compost to the fields in the fall and having it break down before being put on the field lessens the strain on the soil since it does not have to expend nutrients to break down the raw manure, and ultimately preserves nitrogen levels. This process enhances the soil’s microbial life, functions as a healthy fertilizer, supports a higher earthworm population, and holds onto nutrients which ultimately provides a healthy environment for strong crops, year after year.

 Seed Starter

Organic-certified seed starters are used when planting to support the seedlings and create healthier, mature crops. We strive for well-balanced soil that is not depleted in nutrients to help create a healthy environment for producing nutrient dense food.

We believe organic farming to be a wonderful and dynamic learning experience.

We look forward to where future research and discussions will lead, how it will improve the overall health of our land and crops, and create a lasting, ecological, and sustainable way of living!